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Full Body Workout

Save Time, Gain Strength, Gain Lean Muscle Mass, Burn Body Fat...

Full body workouts, especially ones that prioritize multi joint exercises, i.e.: squats, bench press, dead lifts, lunges, rows, military press, etc, are far more effective. Most weight training enthusiasts isolate muscle groups, thinking that this will reap the greatest rewards. Studies show otherwise. Why? For starters they recruit much more muscle tissue. A barbell squat for instance recruits over 200 muscles at one time. That's about 10X what a leg extension does. A typical full-body routine would be done every other day. Intensity should vary. An example would be: Monday - heavy for 5 reps Wednesday – light for 15 reps and Friday - medium for 10 reps. Workout should be 45-60 min and exercises should be partnered with an antagonist muscle group. An example would be bench press (push) with low row (pull). Only 3 sets are needed for each exercise with a full1 minute of rest between sets. For more details on customizing your individual program, contact us!

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