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"I was 51 years old 5ft 1 in tall and weighted 205 taking pre-diabetic medication, nexium for heartburn and having sharp pains on the bottom of my feet. On January 1st 2013 I joined Bodies In Motion the BEST thing I've ever done! OC and Lana encouraged me to workout and that's what I did. Now one year later I'm still 5 ft 1 in tall but I now weigh 147 and feel GREAT and healthier than ever."


Trudy P.

 "Gym etiquette! Best of any gym I have ever been to."



"The only gym in Clovis, NM that will satisfy all your fitness needs. OC is the real deal and will have you in shape in no time as long as you are willing to put in the work!!!"


Natalie C.

"I've never been one for gyms, but I absolutely love this gym! It's VERY clean and neat, the music isn't blaring, weights aren't being dropped. I actually enjoy going to the gym and getting a good workout now. I don't ever feel uncomfortable as a female in the gym. It has definitely changed my perception. I love it! Thanks guys!"

Aabett J.

"Place is the best! I finally found a gym that I don't wanna leave!"


Edwin P.

"I have been with your gym for 6 years and it is truly the best gym I have ever been to.  I am going to miss the gym and everyone I have met there as well. Hopefully I can find something half as good as Bodies in Motion in Germany."

                                                                                                              Daniel N.

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